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We regularly organize retreats or cocoa ceremonies in Casa Alegria y Luna. If you are interested in organizing a course here, that is possible. Drawing, painting, dance, meditation, yoga, composing music or writing a book, it is all possible in this magical peaceful place …

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By standing still, we come into contact with ourselves. Be who you really are …

“If you love the magical desert landscapes, the outdoors between the moon and the stars … then this place is just what you are looking for … away from the crowds … one with nature.”

We don’t fit in boxes, we each have our own identity and DNA, we are all unique and yet connected in this enchanting universe

My personal journey

Discovery path … Who am I …
All my life I have been interested in nature, the animals, the connection between the cosmos and ourselves.

As a thirteen-year-old girl, I had a serious car accident, during which I had a near-death experience. I have since understood that there is more between heaven and earth. I started looking for books about reincarnation and the spiritual world around us.

I learned very quickly that we are all connected to each other through energy, that we are guided by the universe. As the North Indians put it so beautifully, The Red Road, the circle of life, being connected to each other, the animals and nature … we cannot do without each other.

Yet for years I sometimes had the feeling that others didn’t understand me … I thought differently about the here, present and the future ..

Together with my first great love, I gave birth to three beautiful daughters, the most beautiful gift ever in my life.

Naomi, Samyra and Najade, three daughters that we have raised to become independent girls.

After my training as a nurse and being a full-time Mama, I continued to study and expanded my interests: Natural Medicine, Bach Flower Therapies, Botany, Leather Work, Painting, Event Organizer, Intuitive Development, Aromatherapy, Energy Therapist, Foot reflexology, Shamanism , Tantra Yoga, basic Kundalini and Massage techniques …

About 7 years ago I quit my job and I moved to this magical place alone.

My dream was to help others, to guide people towards more harmony and peace in their lives, to meet like-minded souls who are open to the changes of life, people who are searching for what is more than what we know … It already. ..

My own search was with ups and downs, that just made me stronger, but also a bit more vulnerable in my being and feeling.

For me it is very normal to see visions, to feel or to see the energies of others and to look into the souls of humans, plants and animals.

Once you understand how everything is connected by beautiful energies, you realize how magical it is to walk your own path … by trial and error … then you are on your way to intimate happiness and freedom …

Energetic Healer, Inneke

Breathe fully ... Embrace life ... Connect yourself with the Universe ... Open your heart ...

Are you looking for more peace of mind, the silence, contact with yourself, insight and more relaxation? Always wanted to meditate, but is it not possible?

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Touch the Sky


Coming home

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We regularly organize retreats in Tuhinga Healing Arts. If you are interested in organizing a course here, that is possible. Drawing, painting, dance, meditation, yoga, composing music or writing a book, it is all possible in this magical peaceful place. Please contact Inneke by filling out the form.


Meditating is an inner investigation into what is going on in us about thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

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If you love the silence of the mountains, view the beautiful starry sky or meditate in our Tipi, then you can relax here.

A magical place …

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