When you’re here

Our Philosophy

Our Casa was created in an old farmhouse that we have renovated. The work has been carried out using natural materials, because we want to share our love of nature with you, together with the dedication we make every day to protect the environment.

Respects your sensitivity

The special feature of our Eco Casa is in fact ecological sustainability and energy saving, we have looked for solutions to prevent pollution of nature, our electricity is 100% solar and we use water from our own well.

The water is heated by solar energy. We do not use air conditioning, but fans. In the winter we have radiators in the rooms and a wood stove in the living room. Everyone who stays here with us will experience how you can live perfectly with the sun.

Thanks to our dedication, our knowledge and the use of advanced technology, we have succeeded in making our buildings self-sufficient in the field of energy.


We have made many ecological adjustments to show you how much we care about the environment and how important our daily commitment to saving our planet is. We recycle more than 80% of our waste, use low-incandescent lamps, class A electrical appliances, environmentally friendly products and natural pesticides for our plants and vegetables in the garden and we recuperate the rainwater to irrigate our garden.

Outdoor dining

We designed the outdoor kitchen to let you enjoy simple rustic dishes from the Almeria region.
In the kitchen you will find everything needed to prepare a meal.

We have a small refrigerator A plus and an oven on gas. Bbq on gas is possible at the pool. Because the summers here are warm and dry we can not use charcoal for the Bbq, because of fire hazard.

We have thought of everything: you can enjoy a quiet holiday to recharge in a place that respects your sensitivity and meets your needs.

Visit our peaceful Eco casa

Eres muy bienvenido

If you love the silence of the mountains, view the beautiful starry sky or meditate in our Tipi, then you can relax here.

A magical place …

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Almeria, SPAIN